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30 January 2019

When can I register for Gaelforce Sky Run?

We are not running a Gaelforce Sky Run event in 2023.

We are currently working on a new route for 2024 and registration will open in early 2024.

30 January 2019

What does the entry fee include?

  • Special event clothing
  • Race number with electronic timing chip
  • Race medal upon completion
  • Post-event food
  • Fully marked route with marshals at key points
  • Safety cover
  • One-off access to this stunning route
7 November 2019

Which route should I choose?

Our Expert, Intermediate and Introductory routes, each offer a totally different challenge.

  • EXPERT: This longer open mountain route offers a serious challenge and should be undertaken by EXPERIENCED MOUNTAIN RUNNERS ONLY.
  • INTERMEDIATE: Though shorter than the Expert route, this is still very challenging, with tough and daunting climbs along with some very technical descents. This route is suitable for EXPERIENCED MOUNTAIN/TRAIL RUNNERS looking for a good challenge.
  • INTRODUCTORY: This route consists of trails and open hill and is a perfect introduction to mountain running, with all the exhilaration of the mountain combined with more familiar trails. If you can RUN 10KM, you should definitely give this a go. 
30 January 2019

Is this event suitable for First Timers?

The Introductory route is a great mix of trail and hill in a truly spectacular location, and the perfect taster for making the move from road and trail to mountain running. While you do not need to have mountain running experience, you do need to have a good level of fitness to allow you to cover the distance in challenging conditions. The Intermediate & Expert routes are NOT suitable for first time mountain runners.

22 November 2019

Can I change my wave or distance?

We cannot facilitate any wave changes after you have entered this event, so please make sure to sign up for your preferred wave when you enter. If your preferred wave is sold out, it will no longer be visible online and you must choose an alternative wave.

30 January 2019

Do I need to be able to navigate to enter Gaelforce Sky Run?

No, you do not need to be able to navigate as there will be markings to follow and marshals along the route. 

Please be aware that the weather can change quickly in the mountains.

As parts of the route are off-road, it may take a while for medical aid to reach you should you need it. 

22 November 2019

What happens if I cancel my event entry?

All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes transfers to other years, events or competitors. Please do make sure that you can commit to both the event and the training before you enter one of our events.

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