Gear & Equipment

Gear & Equipment

Best Trail Runners – the Gaelforce Top 3 picks

There are so many trail runners on the market right now and so we thought we would wade through the techy jargon for you and give you our Top 3 Picks - tried and tested and nice and simple! 


Gaelforce and Icebug

You might have wondered how we ended up partnering with a small Swedish brand better known for their ice running shoe? Shane Young, off trail runner, explains why Icebug is the perfect fit for Gaelforce.


Get ready for The Great Fjord Swim - Gear Guide

Wondering what gear you need for the Great Fjord Swim. We have compiled a list for you that will make the experience all the more comfortable for you! 


Cleats Vs. Runners - The Pros and Cons for your next adventure Race

Signed up for your next adventure and wondering what shoes to wear? Do you go for clipless pedals and cleats or will your trainers be just as good? We get these questions a lot from people in the lead up to an event and here is our honest view on it.


The 3 ‘P’s of mountain running in Ireland

Piss Poor Planning leads to Piss Poor Performance! What to always bring with you.


Running in the Dark? Go for it!

Check out our running in the dark tips to keep you active this winter. Why not try a run in the dark! It’s peaceful, your senses are heightened so you take in more.



Gearing up for the Great Fjord Swim or a similar event? From cold open water swimming tips to event specific information, we got you covered.


Alternatives to energy gels on race day

Keep your nutrition and the environment in mind on race day


Gear Tips for Trail and Mountain Running

Running season is here, it's time to get out and enjoy our natural landscapes, to run with the Gods!


Gear Tips for Gaelforce Dublin

Here are a few Gaelforce guidelines and gear tips on what to expect & bring when you are competing in our upcoming event.


5 Hacks for Running in the Rain

If you want to keep your training and stay motivated over the holidays we have some hacks for you :)


Juju Jay's Top Trail Running Tips

The winter is well and truly upon us...but that does not mean hybernation! Let Juju Jay inspire you to get out on the trails this weekend with his top tips for trail running :)


Should I Wear Cycling Shoes for Adventure Racing?

We often get asked coming up to our events what shoes to wear, should I change my footwear at the bike section, etc.​ Here we focus on the pros and cons of clipless pedals. 


Bike Lights - What you need to know

Get some tips on selecting the best bike lights for you 


Top 5 Tips for Cycling at Night

Night riding puts a whole different spin on a route. Here are 5 tips for cycling at night